The Phil & Phil Show

Phil Grist and Philip Madeley two English blokes are passionate about healthy living plant based living. Phil and Phil met at Gabriel Cousens’ Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center where Phil Grist came as a live food apprentice for 13 weeks where Philip Madeley was a manager at the time. They immediately hit it off as soul brothers.

Phil Grist lives in Oxford, United Kingdom and is known as The Raw Builder and Philip Madeley is in Phoenix , AZ working as General Manager of Excelsior Alchemy manufacturer of HealthForce SuperFoods.

Phil and Phil love a variety of topics including juice, fasting, detoxification, earth energies, water, community, gardening, raw food preparation.

On their shows Phil and Phil are Raw and Real and lay out their hearts and souls for all to see and evolve out loud.

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