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20 Pandemic Lies of 2020

This post may get me in hot water and on santa’s naughty list for 2021.

I truly believe in helping people get healthy and healing the planet. I believe in asking questions and finding solutions.

I believe that the root cause of our sickness is our western lifestyles and environmental factors. I do not blame the individual… we have been led down this path and it will take a strong community of healers to turn this around.

It’s truly a health crisis of great consequence that due to our neglect of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual our health is suffering. This is nothing new and can be seen in the disease statistics for many decades. From children to the elderly we are dying of preventable illness. It’s not a quick fix but we do have the solutions available to us. The solutions will come from returning to nature and to our spiritual selves. It begins with a deep love for ourselves, for our fellow humans, animals, and our home the planet Earth.

Some of the statements in this graphic may seem extreme and they each are worthy of deep consideration and investigation. These are things worthy of discussion with friends, family and our communities.

I know many people know in their hearts and guts, deep inside there is an intuition that something is not right… the answers that each of us seek can be found within us and there are clues, gifts, and healing tools all around us that come in the form of herbs, healing opportunities and wise counsel to guide and lead us.

May we all ask more questions in 2021 and go deeper into our personal sovereignty and truth.

Much Love ❤️