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The Phil and Phil Show

Taking Authentic Personal Responsibility

There is a propaganda meme running through the mainstream media that if you do not wear a mask, “social” distance, wash your hands regularly with toxic sanitizer, get injected with an experimental gene therapy “vaccine”, agree to isolation, quarantine, and lockdowns for healthy people, or go along with the mainstream “science” then you are put in a box and labelled in some of the following ways: An Anti-Science Anti-Vaxxer Irresponsible… Read More »Taking Authentic Personal Responsibility

Phil and Phil Banned Permanently by Facebook

On January 15 2021 Phil Grist and Philip Madeley joined the ranks of the countless other Health Freedom advocates in receiving a notice from Facebook that their accounts had been closed. Neither Phil had any warning, prior temporary bans, or any account restrictions. There was no flagged post associated with the ban. The only explanation is that they were not following community standards. When they tried to dispute they were… Read More »Phil and Phil Banned Permanently by Facebook

20 Pandemic Lies of 2020

This post may get me in hot water and on santa’s naughty list for 2021. I truly believe in helping people get healthy and healing the planet. I believe in asking questions and finding solutions. I believe that the root cause of our sickness is our western lifestyles and environmental factors. I do not blame the individual… we have been led down this path and it will take a strong… Read More »20 Pandemic Lies of 2020

You are not a sovereign being!

The information in this image is not endorsed by the CDC, WHO, FDA, FTC, Mainstream Media or the Fact Checkers. Therefore this information may cause harm (i.e. positive health effects). Only Pharmaceuticals of Medical Injections can “Cure” or “Prevent disease”. It is obvious that these natural therapies, some of them thousands of years old, that do not have billion dollar double blind placebo controlled trials to back them up should… Read More »You are not a sovereign being!

How to be Healthy?

Can you inject toxins to create health? Does restricting natural respiration support healthy breathing and respiratory wellness? Does isolation enhance immunity? Does avoiding other humans keep you safe from getting sick? Does killing bacteria on all surfaces with toxic sanitizers create safe spaces and protect you from getting sick? Does taking drugs to suppress symptoms make you healthy and “cure” diseases? Does taking antibiotics to kill bacteria enhance the terrain… Read More »How to be Healthy?

Health: Things to pursue and things to avoid!

How to be healthy? A few things to pursue and things to avoid… a short list… that you won’t see on the news or hear from the corrupt politicians, medical establishments, and the CDC/ WHO. What to Pursue 1. Sunshine2. Fresh Air3. Pure Water4. Excellent Sleep5. Organic (ideally local and home grown) Whole Foods6. Wild Foods7. Medicinal Mushrooms8. SuperHerbs9. SuperFoods10. Hemp Foods11. Exercise 12. Community and Family13. Daily Hugs14. Connection… Read More »Health: Things to pursue and things to avoid!

What Really Makes us Sick?

Its interesting how the government, industry, medical industrial complexes like to blame an invisible cause that we have no control over (they have been doing this for decades when you look into the history so nothing new there) and then offer toxic anti life solution(s). The real issue however is staring us in the face, and the solutions do not (will never) come from those for profit industries (the cause),… Read More »What Really Makes us Sick?