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Taking Authentic Personal Responsibility

There is a propaganda meme running through the mainstream media that if you do not wear a mask, “social” distance, wash your hands regularly with toxic sanitizer, get injected with an experimental gene therapy “vaccine”, agree to isolation, quarantine, and lockdowns for healthy people, or go along with the mainstream “science” then you are put in a box and labelled in some of the following ways:

  • An Anti-Science Anti-Vaxxer
  • Irresponsible Person who does not care about others, the elderly, or the immunocompromised.
  • A domestic terrorist, Neanderthal, Qanon follower, and/or extremist who should be locked out of society
  • A conspiracy theorist (a derogatory term coined by the CIA in discredit anyone questioning the official story of the JFK assassination)

In this incessant propaganda messaging from the mass media, movies, celebrities, education, and corporations we find little about how to be a healthy, whole, living human being. We find a lot of attacks on people who question the mainstream “science” and prefer natural, holistic ways of living. These attacks come towards very well educated and experienced natural health practitioners.

When you look beyond the mainstream information and study the ancient healing ways and the incredible people teaching and practicing natural health you quickly see that these “public health” measures have nothing to do with your health, the health of the elderly, the immunocompromised, or the health of our home Sacred Mother Earth.

To me being a responsible human being means having the best health ever. It means truly caring about the Earth and the health of all her inhabitants through a scared, divine balance. As a person gets healthier they radiate a higher frequency that inspires others to be healthier. Healthier people are less of a burden on society and are able to fully contribute and grow healthy families and communities. High vibration, healthy, whole people return to the land and harmonize with the sacred cycles. Healthy people are not “disease carriers”. Truly healthy sovereign people actually vibrate in a way that supports the health of others through the resonance effect.

We are in a situation where people are in so much fear they have given all their infinite god given power and free critical thinking away to the authority figures who in reality know little to nothing about health. In doing so people are choosing and agreeing to be part of dangerous medical and social experiments. We continue to see the dire consequences of this with increased suicides, mental health decline, fear of other humans, and the ripping apart of families and friends. People’s sacred health is being destroyed by the incessant fear, toxic sanitizers, junk and processed foods, lack of fresh air and nature, excess stress from a digital life, health destroying masks, traditional vaccinations, combined with the injection of an unapproved experimental gene therapy. All these measures destroy the sacred body balance and critical interaction with the natural environment.

The non stop focus on cases and deaths, messaging about masking, washing your hands, and getting injected does nothing for health and only keeps people in a constant state of sympathetic fight flight which stresses and weakens the body. These measures create the illusion that you are a responsible member of society. In fact you are not only damaging your own health with these measures, you are damaging the health of your children, future generations, and the earth. Taking and promoting the experimental gene therapy and following public health measures is a highly irresponsible choice, not only risking your own life, the life of children and family members, but the health of the planet with the massive amount of toxic medical waste. If you are injured or die as a side effects of the experimental gene therapy you leave behind loved ones and/or dependents.

I and many others have a dream of something better, Imagine a world where we have a different type of campaign where we envision recreating the Garden of Eden starting starting with the foundation of rebuilding the soils, planting trees, cleaning the waters and reconnecting with Mother Earth. To nourish the people and the animals by planting gardens and food forests around the world would create beauty and food. Nature when nurtured and tuned into provides infinite abundance. Below this beautiful Native American song is a list of responsible actions we can take to create a more beautiful world.

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  • Rebuild and Regenerate the Soil
  • Clean up the Oceans, Rivers, and Lakes
  • Grow Personal, Family, and Community Food Gardens and Forests
  • Share Seeds with Family, Friends, Neighbors, and Strangers
  • Support Local Ecological Businesses
  • Plant Trees for Future Generations
  • Support Farmers Markets in Every Community
  • Get out in Nature Everyday
  • Get your Bare Feet on the Earth Everyday
  • Breathe Unrestricted Fresh Pure Air
  • Learn Proper Breathing Techniques
  • Hug Loved Ones, Family, Friends (and strangers) Everyday.
  • Learn how to support your Immune System with Herbs, SuperFoods, and Whole Food Diet
  • Start and Support Juice Bars in Every Community
  • Start and Support Organic Whole Food Restaurants, and Cafe’s
  • Start and Support Natural Health Centers in Every Community
  • Learn to go within and trust your Inner Guidance through meditation and prayer
  • Return to Spirit, God, Consciousness in every moment
  • Say NO, learn the dangers of, and end the use of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Procedures, and Medical Injections
  • End the use of all toxic Pesticides, Fungicides, and Weedkillers
  • Stop Eating Junk Processed Foods and Beverages
  • Eliminate the use of synthetic plastics and move to ecological and compostable materials
  • Break free of the life depleting smart phone, computers, tv/ movie, video game matrix

To me these things are truly taking responsibility for the health of society. This is self responsibility. This is social responsibility. This is a deep moral and spiritual responsibility. This is the energy of “Receiving in Order to Share” instead of “Receiving for Self Alone”. The public measures put in place are based on materialism and better living through “scientism” instead of better living through better living. Scientism has become the woke cult religion of our times and its taking people away from their infinite consciousness. When as a collective we realign with the natural order of nature and the universe the body is self healing. When we are lost in the matrix of scientific materialism we can never truly heal. Its time to rise up as sovereign human beings and create paradise on earth.