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You are not a sovereign being!

The information in this image is not endorsed by the CDC, WHO, FDA, FTC, Mainstream Media or the Fact Checkers. Therefore this information may cause harm (i.e. positive health effects).

Only Pharmaceuticals of Medical Injections can “Cure” or “Prevent disease”. It is obvious that these natural therapies, some of them thousands of years old, that do not have billion dollar double blind placebo controlled trials to back them up should be avoided.

The side effects of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Injections, and Medical Interventions are purely coincidence and of no consequence. Those effects are only listed with the product information sheets to note the coincidences that occurred. The fact that the companies that make these drugs make billions of dollars and have been involved in thousands of lawsuits amounting to trillions of dollars or have the protection of government programs is again a coincidence so may be ignored.

The natural therapies are obviously promoted by quacks and pseudoscientists like Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Herbalists, Healing Practitioners, and people who think for themselves who have spent their lives and personal funds to get educated in the health/ healing of human body and of the therapies for whole person healing and rejuvenation. These natural practitioners obviously do not care about people and are a danger to society and the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.

It is really important that we ignore the coincidences of people reporting “negative effects” happening to children and adults after the use of medical therapies. The mothers that report effects post injection are obviously incorrect. Trust the Experts!

We should also ignore the thousands of people who have used natural therapies to reverse or prevent disease or become a whole healthy sovereign living human being. Those effects are clearly coincidence.

People should not take responsibility for their own health, the health of their family, friends or community. Buying or growing organic foods, herbs, and superfoods is a waste of time and money. Natural therapies, herbs, supplements should be avoided at all costs. People should only follow the approved therapies and definitely not look at the natural options or visit natural health practitioners to help guide them along the way.

Following the official narrative to the letter means that you do not need to change your diet, lifestyle even nine months after 2-weeks to flatten the curve. You may continue all of the vices of modern society and the medical industry will be there for you. Just wear a mask, wash you hands, spray everything with bleach avoid other humans, and stay home!

Philip Madeley 02/01/2021