Phil and Phil Banned Permanently by Facebook

On January 15 2021 Phil Grist and Philip Madeley joined the ranks of the countless other Health Freedom advocates in receiving a notice from Facebook that their accounts had been closed. Neither Phil had any warning, prior temporary bans, or any account restrictions. There was no flagged post associated with the ban. The only explanation is that they were not following community standards. When they tried to dispute they were told that they were not eligible to dispute and that this ban was permanent.

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What on Earth do Phil and Phil talk about that so controversial?

Phil and Phil have 40 years of life experience in the field of natural health and wellness and love to share their experiences with others. They love to ask the tough questions and they do question everything. Summarized in two bullets Phil and Phil vision is:

  • Reconnecting and Living in Harmony with Nature
  • Reconnecting to God/ Infinite Consciousness

The topics they cover on the show, with special guests, are whole person sovereign health through holistic lifestyle and organic whole food plant based nutrition. They discuss hydration, herbs, microbiome, fruits, juicing, fasting, meditation, geomancy, and all things healthful. In today’s world we have lost touch with our roots and it is the goal of Phil and Phil to help reawaken the divine spark in each other and all who they touch.

Phil and Phil are controversial in that they do not agree with the mainstream paradigm in regards to health and healing. For Phil and Phil medicines and medical injections are not the path to holistic health.

Below are some diagrams that Phil and Phil posted on FaceBook which may have influenced the ban. Are we in an upside down back to front world where discussing “What Makes You Sick” and “How to Be Healthy” are considered harmful and dangerous misinformation? Phil and Phil are choosing to educate and empower each person to find their own health sovereignty.