How to be Healthy?

Can you inject toxins to create health? Does restricting natural respiration support healthy breathing and respiratory wellness? Does isolation enhance immunity? Does avoiding other humans keep you safe from getting sick? Does killing bacteria on all surfaces with toxic sanitizers create safe spaces and protect you from getting sick? Does taking drugs to suppress symptoms make you healthy and “cure” diseases? Does taking antibiotics to kill bacteria enhance the terrain and create health? Does taking isolated chemicals heal brain chemistry? Does subjecting the body to invasive surgery and radiation enhance life?

The answer is clearly no. All these things are anti-health, anti-life, anti thriving, and anti-human. The “public health” policies are created by people who do not live healthy lifestyles, nor do they have any background in health, wellness and thriving naturally. The people creating these policies are deeply in the pockets of the medical industry, the drug and vaccine manufacturers. The drug manufacturers thrive on creating customers for life with their synthetic petrochemical derived or isolated element quick fix quackery, non-science, snake oil.

Health and Wellness is a whole person approach including nourishment, healing, nature, spiritual inspiration, and lifestyle. To be healthy in the world today takes consciousness, self education, sovereignty, detoxification support, and reconnection with nature. Health is not a one time meal or pill or workout. Health is a daily approach where your daily habit creates your great health. Health is also much more than physical. Health encompasses a healthy connection to your pure soul. Health is emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental poise. Everything (including food, media, nature, toxins, love, self talk, emotions) you put into your body and mind is energy or frequency and does have an effect on your energy, mood, wellness, and mental state and your spiritual experiences. Garbage In Garbage Out OR Love in Love Out?

I think true health begins by loving yourself enough to take care of your sacred body. Do you love yourself enough to eat healthy foods, to spend time in nature, to learn about your miraculous body, to connect to your sacred soul. It’s time we truly learned about the human body by listening to the sacred heart beat while standing barefoot on the earth and entering the stillness. The answers are everywhere. There are endless solutions for each and every human being. True Health and Healing is a journey, unfolding as we live our lives from birth to death.

May we each find ourselves in this incredible time of evolution, may we be healthy, happy, and fulfilled on every level of mind body spirit. May we find our individual sovereignty and empowerment. May our light shine bright. May we find our bliss, our joy, our love, and our soul. May we realize we are so much more than the physical body… we are an incredible being of infinite consciousness.

Ramblings and How to be Healthy Graphic Created by Philip Madeley 12/25/20